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What makes a bird noisy or quiet? 28.07.2010
Resting up for the night flight 27.07.2010
Tsunami reminders 26.07.2010
Heading to Aceh 24.07.2010
Nightstop 23.07.2010
How to bring down a ginormous bridge by spitting 21.07.2010
Time with family 18.07.2010
Sunday at Mt Lavinia Beach 17.07.2010
Grottoes and Levantine Conclusion 17.07.2010
Bar-hopping in Beirut 15.07.2010
Black Brooding Bosra 14.07.2010
On the road to Damascus 13.07.2010
Spectacular Palmyra at Sunrise ... and Sunset again 12.07.2010
Palmyra in time for Sunset 11.07.2010
Ruins near Iraq 10.07.2010
Heading towards Iraq 09.07.2010
Day off! 08.07.2010
Day of Three Castles 07.07.2010
Crossing into Syria 06.07.2010
Little Australia in Lebanon 05.07.2010
Moving up the coast 04.07.2010
Holiday in Hezbollah Land 03.07.2010
It's Beittedine, not Betadine 02.07.2010
Beirut-bound 01.07.2010
To the capital 30.06.2010
At Galle Fort and being spiked 29.06.2010
Down by the sea 28.06.2010
Killing a day after a near-sleepless night flight 27.06.2010
Family time 25.06.2010
A piece of Arabia in Australia 24.06.2010
How to leave and not feel like it's happening 23.06.2010