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What makes a bird noisy or quiet?

large_5550_12803876984732.jpgComing into Melbourne. My last flight on AirAsia for a few months.
From Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne, I managed to get 3 seats because some passeners moved. So each seat cost me about NZD10 only! For 8 hours!!

I've always noticed that the Airbus A330 (which operated the flight) is eerily quiet, especially if you sit near the engine (ironical). Many a time I have hopped off an A330 and transferred onto a Boeing B777 at Hong Kong within an hour. My first impression on the B777 while on the ground with the engines off was that it was noisier than the A330 inflight! A lot of the noise on the B777 on the ground came from roaring ventilation ...

Now that I've got 7 hours to kill in Melbourne (in transit to Auckland), I googled for the reasons ... and found this:

Airbus used a latest generation Hamilton Sundstrand product in those planes, which reduces cabin noise due to air circulation through the pressurization system. Air circulation is actually one of the largest noise sources inside a plane behind external wind noise and engine noise .... Boeing is using Hamilton Sundstrand on the 787 to make some key cabin air components which should help it reduce noise. Source [http://www.airliners.net/aviation-forums/tech_ops/read.main/236779/]is an aviation forum, not Airbus!


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How to leave and not feel like it's happening

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Today I departed on a 5 week journey but it didn't feel like I was going anywhere. There was no real sense of excitement as the first leg was only to Melbourne ... somewhere which is not too indifferent from New Zealand and familiar. I had been there before and would be staying in the comfort of my aunt's apartment in the city.

Upon arrival I was treated to a second dinner around 9pm ... very nicely prepared Hainan Chicken rice accompanied with blanched baby kailan with oyster sauce and sesame oil. Yummy!

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